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ENVIRON LLC is established in 2002 with a mission to promote environmental sustainability through provision of professional services on development, implementation, assessment and evaluation of environmental projects and programs; conducting Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact Assessment for infrastructural, agricultural, health, and socio economic projects; energy efficiency and renewable energy; remote sensing, GIS; clean technology and greening programs; and disaster risk reduction.

Environ has 15 permanent staff with expertise on environmental management, environmental legislation, climate change, agroforestry, energy efficiency, renewable energy, environmental impact assessments, biotechnology, natural disaster management and information and communication technology and 20 academic consultants on biodiversity conservation, forestry, energy, pollution, public health, mining and natural resource management topics. 66% of Environ’s total staff has graduate degrees, among them 2 academics of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, 4 doctors of sciences, 6 PhDs and 8 MScs.